Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a foundation for your personal and professional development 

You might think this information is science fiction because neuroscience is providing evidence of superhuman capabilities.

Well, they are human capabilities really but not many people know about them. 

Mirror neurons, for example, are a type of brain cell.

They respond - in equal measure - when you perform an action or when you witness someone else perform the same action (which might explain why love stories and action movies are so popular!).

What’s happening in your brain and body can be influenced by you, or those around you.

We introduce you to specific tools and techniques that explain why that is.

It's a study in the structure of your subjective experience through a sensory lens in the first instance.

And, the foundation programme is designed to introduce you to the foundation skills from an NLP perspective.

The orientation is personal and professional development in career and income, relationships, and health.

It clears your eyes, opens new possibilities for you - and you can make a huge difference to yourself using these skills.

‘After completing the NLP Foundation course I felt strong and in control of my life. I was motivated to make the changes needed and knew I had the skills to support myself to go it alone.’


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Over the four days you will learn how to:

  1. Design outcomes that you find attractive and compelling

  2. Identify your sensory strategies

  3. Move easily from one state to another

  4. Develop the complementary skills of full association and remote witness

  5. Isolate a triple description of a single event to enrich your understanding and options

  6. Utilise brain function as it presents in your eyes      

  7. Understand how your mirror neurons can be used in relationships and skill development.

Where is it?

Fat Hen, Gwenmenhir Boscawen-noon Farm, St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall TR19 6EH


When is it?

Friday 18th January 2019 - Monday 21st January 2019


Professional Support Group

You have access to a professional support group to help you with your ambitions, career transitions, emotions, and conversations.

‘I really, really enjoyed the course and will take a lot away to think about. 

I felt that we had so much time to explore.’ 


or call +44 (0)117 955 8121


If you are not satisfied with your purchase on the first day of the workshop, speak to Elizabeth and she will refund your money.