Personal Strategy Business

Sarah McCartney Founder 4160 Tuesdays London

How to sort out a personal business issue ... 

... and see a way forward in 6-9 hours

'I fell that our conversation provided me with a new view and, similar to the Hoffman process, has set me off on a new path.’  Ian Bell

This service is for independent businesses.  It's designed to make heavyweight strategy tools available at an affordable price in a short time frame - and get you results.

Joseph gets to the bottom of your issues and helps you to develop your Personal Strategy™ for business.

Here are some of the issues you might be facing:

  • lack of direction
  • low sales in relation to overhead
  • poor cash flow
  • confused service offerings
  • high-risk investment decisions
  • procrastination around key decisions
  • difficult work colleagues
  • failed deals
  • charging for value
  • family business tensions
  • too busy

Personal Strategy™ Business frameworks help you to get more and better business results.  And they affect your thinking process, the stories you tell, how you value yourself and your business, your ambitions and sense of personal power - which might seem at arms length right now.

You may surprise yourself.

Doing nothing can be expensive as you know.  Even a profitable business collapses without cash.  And the anxiety is not really necessary.


Personal Strategy™ Business is designed to help you sort out your business issues - personal and professional.  

It involves 3 stages:

  1. You complete a one-page Personal Strategy Audit before we meet
  2. You meet Joseph for 6-8 hours exclusive 1:1 time over 2 consecutive days - 'sleeping on it' often provides fresh insights and understandings
  3. You review your progress over the telephone a few weeks later and clear up any outstanding questions.

Personal Strategy™ Business is best in a crisis or for a thorough review.  You can resolve your issue in 6-9 hours. 

The price is £630.00.  It includes all 3 stages.


What's the next step?

It doesn't cost you anything to find out if this service is useful to you.  So, if you want to know more you can e-mail joseph3@zeteticmind.comcall or text Joseph on +44 7887 513369


We guarantee our work.  Our reputation depends on the quality of our work with you.  You get results you are satisfied with.  So we build in checkpoints to assess progress and results. If you are not satisfied, we put it right or return your money.