Zetetic Modelling Strategy Cornwall October 2014

When you were in your mother’s womb, it was your non-verbal communication - via an electrical charge - that let her know how you were getting on.

During the first few days of your life outside the womb, your instincts directed you to your mother’s breast.

And during the first few years of your life, it was your natural non-verbal ability to observe and learn that kept you safe, let mummy know you wanted her attention and allowed you to develop your early friendships (after all, you couldn’t make sentences could you?).

Neuroscience now tells us we have mirror neurons in the brain.  One of jobs seems to be modelling: for example, people you meet and want to get along with and skills you want to learn in order to survive.

Modelling is not new to you.  You can do it now - and you were very good at it then.

So why bother with learning a modelling skill when you already have it?

The best answer I can give you is you don’t know how you do it.  It’s a bit hit-and-miss.

Let me explain: if you want to be good at spelling the best starting point  (I am told)  is picturing the word.  Not speaking out loud or writing down as some children are taught (although these senses can come into it at a later stage).  If you can picture the word ‘and’, you can even spell it backwards!

If you want to learn to dance, then the starting point is with the sound and feel of the music - not the steps.

If you want to sell on the telephone then the critical starting point is the clarity of the idea - not a great personality.

If you want love and intimacy … what is the starting point that will give you consistent, superior and reliable experience?  And then, what is next and so on…

  1. Do you want the most reliable starting point for any given strategy?
  2. Do you want to know how and why your strategy works?
  3. Do you want to repeat it at will?
  4. Do you want to show others how to be very good?

So, whether you want love and intimacy, more money, more power - or just more fun - is it worth finding out?

And you can pass it on.  In other words, you can generalise and transfer know-how.  That adds value to any person or organisation.  It’s just a question of ambition and measurement.

You may already know that one percent on sales growth normally adds ten percent to profitability.

What might this programme do to your earnings, your skill level, your desirability in the job market, or just the quality standards of your existing work?

At its most basic these are baby skills.

But if you have ever watched a baby, then genius is not far away.  Wow!  Babies...

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Zetetic Modelling Strategy