'HR leads strategy'

A switch in strategic emphasis to capability brings HR to centre stage.

In the search for competitive advantage McKinsey publish an article about ‘Synthesis, capabilities, and overlooked insights: Next frontiers for strategists’. September 2104.

Of course it is only one article among many but Making Capabilities Strategic by Dan Simpson is worth a read for a number of reasons:

• it’s rare for the strategic focus to point in your direction

• it recognises you as an overlooked resource

• it points to a new frontier for strategy – and it’s you.

It probably fair to say the author is still playing capability catch-up but the issue is now centre stage, which brings me to the reason for this note.

One of the most potent tools for building (and modelling) personal capacity and capability can be found in neuro linguistics.

Why? - because it revolutionises the approach to learning, coaching and training.  It does this by moving attention to subjective process not subjective content.

This is efficient and ethical. 

And it can increase results dramatically.


‘This process was remarkably successful and enabled me and my team to achieve what I had previously thought were unattainable results.  Specifically, we won the National Customer Service Award for Contact Centre of the Year (2004) and were listed as number 33 in the Sunday Times top 100 Great Places to Work Survey.’

Michele Robinson, general manager at Loop Customer Management – a FTSE 100 business at the time.


You can learn the foundation skills of this approach in Bristol(Friday 6-Monday 9 March inclusive) or Falmouth(Friday 20-Monday 23 February inclusive).

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