'Do you see reality as it really is?'

Donald D. Hoffman is Professor of Cognitive Science, University of California. In this video(21 minutes 50 seconds) he explains why you might not see reality when you look through your eyes.

NLP talks of re-presentational systems. Donald argues re-construction of visual reality as if this is no more than an icon on your computer screen.

You might find this exciting.  You might not. But it challenges accepted understanding of Space-Time without using spiritual definition.  

In this way it’s useful to the scientifically inclined.

But as Einstein said 'science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind'. So I expect both to meet in the same place.

For NLP practitioners, at the very least, it’s a window into the soul of sub-modalities and why they are useful – although Donald Hoffman does not use these words.

Do you see reality as it really is?


Best wishes


PS Many of you refer us to your friends. We find it’s the way to do business and appreciate your faith in us.  We are careful to respect your recommendation. Thank you.  

PPS Space-Time is part of the master practitioner programme named Time Lords. If you are interested email me here.

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' A programme that will profoundly change your personal and professional life'

The problems you face are not fixed.  But it may seem that way sometimes.  Money and career problems seem to pattern in the same way.  Your key relationships no longer fit.  And making that elusive breakthrough into a new life sometimes seems impossible - if not a chore.

In short, you suffer.

But it’s a new world in some ways.  In your lifetime, Facebook did not exist.  Twitter even less – except over the garden fence. (For some of you computers did not exist.  Certainly, the iPhone didn’t.)

Maybe your garden fence doesn’t exist now either!

Technology is bringing even more rapid change to the way we communicate.

I can’t keep up but my two-year-old grand-daughter doesn’t have a problem!  And that might be because there is no executive function to block her ideas.

That’s our problem when it comes to living afresh.  We do have a well-developed executive function. 

This is great when you have decisions to make that you have made before.  Your neo-cortex is in charge.

But your neo-cortex is only part of your brain - only a part of your intelligence.

Neuroscientists are working on this frontier of technology – your brain.  Mirror neurons now officially exist.

Researchers at Stamford University – through Heart Math Institute – are revealing the electromagnetic secrets of the Heart.

Medical researchers are proving the independent neural networks in your gut. They call it the Second Brain.

The technology of communication inside your body – and around your body – is finding credibility with scientists in a way that would have seemed impossible just 20 years ago.

Communication - whether it’s the external networks of technology or the internal networks of technology - is seen as the big research and development wave of the next generation.

At work, collaboration begins to hold more sway than command. The grease for this wheel is communication skill.

And neuro-linguistics still seems to be the most advanced set we have.

Elizabeth has 30 years in NLP – informed by explorations into subjective experience.  

She is an excellent teacher.

Doing it a long time isn’t a recommendation in itself because you have to keep up to date – so she has 6250 formal hours of personal development outside of her academic qualifications and her practice.

What does help you is to know the underlying structures.  Dealing with Phobias, for example, is now common.  But what is happening?  It’s a simple distinction in Space-Time, your perception and your physical mechanisms of association and observation.

If you want a programme that will profoundly change your personal or professional life this autumn please click here for more information or to hear Elizabeth.

Best wishes



PS If you want a programme that will profoundly change your personal or professional life this autumn please click here for more information or to hear Elizabeth.

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'Time Lord visits Truro'

Two days to change your life without changing anything - unless you want to.


Have you ever had a repeating problem - not enough money or intimacy, a power struggle in an important relationship - and wondered if you should change your life completely?


None of us seem to be immune.  But the risks … Oh no!


You might not want radical change.  Who does?  But, if you could check out your options first maybe your story could be slightly different and have a happy ending.  Or maybe it does need to be completely different if you are to meet your potential.


Dr Who is a Time Lord.  (And so are you.)


This Time Lord travels in a Type 40 time machine called TARDIS – ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’.


You have one too.  But you might not have named it yet.


In SPACETIME you will be your own Time Lord.  And you will use your own time machine to contact the universal mind and your potential: Your potential explored through your Parallel Lives™.


This gives you the opportunity to explore a different life – one that you may have encountered in a different time line. Maybe you have been rich before and forgotten.  Maybe you know the secret of intimacy and have forgotten.  And maybe you know the ethics of power – and have forgotten that too.


Dr Pillai, a Tamil Siddha, calls it Time Line Jumping.  For example, he maintains that your life can change completely by changing your location in geographical space.


You may have noticed how your luck changes.  Sometimes it’s related to physical space – location; sometimes a home, job or special person: London was a productive period in my commercial life and Falmouth - and Cornwall - is rich for me in terms of new research and product development – it’s the sea.


But every now and then the circumstances of my life present me with the opportunity to grow. It’s happening now.  And SPACETIME is a good way of designing and exploring your options.


In these two days you will explore your capacity as a TIME LORD.  (Dr Who may be you.)


You go beyond the neuro linguistic frame into the realm of NeuroBody and the universal mind.


Why? - Because we can.  And it brings a new dimension to your work with your electrical system, your subjective experience and your neuro linguistics.


Two days to change your life without changing anything – unless you want to.  Would that be of interest to you?


If it is contact Elizabeth – or call 07796 048755


Best wishes



PS you will be joining a master practitioner group so practitioner accreditation is essential. The price is £350.00 for two days - but you are also welcome to join in the last two days of the programme at no charge - as the new master practitioners prepare to present their modelling projects on the final day. (SPACETIME: Friday 10th July – Saturday 11th July.)  Contact


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'NLP drives productivity'

Productivity is a problem.  The solutions are often hit and miss.

Some people get excellent results and others languish.

But what if the instincts of your best people could provide insight for others?

Since 1972 Neuro-Linguistic Programming has provided a methodology for increasing productivity by coding and generalising best practice.

But not many people know how to use it.  There are a number of possible reasons for this:


• Practitioners do not have sufficient depth in the subject matter to explain the technology

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'HR leads strategy'

A switch in strategic emphasis to capability brings HR to centre stage.

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'Professional woman gets wonderful life'

Ambition is probably not your only thing.  You probably want to feel happy too.

Your family and friends are important to you.  And you want to design a life that includes your personal and professional needs.

Zetetic NLP Practitioner lets you feed both your personal and professional ambitions.

If having a wonderful life is attractive to you click here.


Best wishes


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'Erickson connects differently'

You would be mistaken in thinking Dr Milton Erickson got his results by concentrating on language patterns.

According to his daughter - Betty Erickson - the NLP Milton Model does not represent her father’s work.

‘When people believe that it is a part of Ericksonian Psychotherapy to come up with the magic statement, they don’t get it’.

She continues,

‘Techniques is not what it is, and hypnotic trance is not what it is.  What it is, is…’

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Probably the best commercial NLP training in the UK

(Now available in the South West)

Are looking for a successful NLP training provider?  If you are, you may want to meet us.

We have been using NLP tools since 1984.  They helped us to build a global brand.

Our clients

And our satisfied clients include Aviva, Hindustan Aeronautics, Zensar Technologies and Eden Project.

Because these skills are about your brain - and how you use it - they work in strategy development and strategic leadership through to cultural change and lead generation.

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Zetetic Modelling Strategy Cornwall October 2014

When you were in your mother’s womb, it was your non-verbal communication - via an electrical charge - that let her know how you were getting on.

During the first few days of your life outside the womb, your instincts directed you to your mother’s breast.

And during the first few years of your life, it was your natural non-verbal ability to observe and learn that kept you safe, let mummy know you wanted her attention and allowed you to develop your early friendships (after all, you couldn’t make sentences could you?).

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